Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I just had to repost the image for "Ember Escape" because the first one I posted (framed) was so washed out. There is much to learn in photographing one's art and then more to learn about how images then appear online. So the above unframed image is much closer to how the original looks.

Here is some of my latest art! I can't post these on Etsy yet as they are on their way to a show where they may be sold BUT you can see them here!

You have seen "A Pear Triumirate", which I was really happy with. It's an acrylic but could pass for an oil as well, it is so luminous. The other painting that I shipped to the show is this one that kicked it all off again, "Ember Escape". It's a framed 12" x 12" acrylic in a sleek black floater frame that perfectly showcases this contemporary, immediate piece. It reminds me of a Goya or Velasquez in the dramatic lighting, the almost violent upsurging of reds and oranges on the bottom like fire reaching, threatening to consume those pieces of smoldering embers disloyal enough to escape. I love the golden luminosity of it all.

Now I am wondering what to paint next. I think it will be an ACEO but I need a muse. Any volunteers? : )


  1. Yummy! This piece is fantastic Gwen! Where do you get your frames? I really like the style of this one.

  2. Ah thanks Jennifer. I sent you an email about the framing stuff.