Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Great Framing Can Do!

Okay this is gratuitous self-exploitation but I'm okay with it : )

If you haven't already seen this oil painting of moi sans 11 years, I present it to you now and in a really beautifully done frame. When I was in Saskatoon there was a framer I used, her name is Lana Cowell and she is the owner of Delmar Gallery. She does an awesome job of framing and with her help I selected the mats and frame. It cost a fair penny BUT the piece looks stunning as a result.

Yes sometimes you DO get what you pay for : )


  1. Beautiful painting and frame Gwen...I'm following you here on google. So happy to find you. Who is the subject of you painting?

    Peace to you,

  2. What a wonderful portrait! It is hard to get sun and shadows perfectly, but here they are!
    It looks great (and it is not the frame ; that makes me feel this))

  3. Ah thanks Quilt Works! I know the mood is something else!

    And Katherine, well, there is a bit of a story to this painting. In telling you who the subject is I need to tell you why or what the subject was intended to goes...

    I had been at work that day and thought of this idea for a painting. I saw a woman, wrapped in drapery, standing outside in the beauty of summer foliage and sunlight. So when I got home I asked my husband (at the time) to take some shots of me as I had donned a bed sheet and stood in our small but well-manicured back yard that I did most of the landscaping of.

    Well he rather reluctantly complied with my wishes but by the second roll of film (good God you know how EXHAUSTING clicking out a 24 shot roll is!) he became rather "prickly" so I said to just give the camera to me and I laid on my studio floor, trying to capture the beauty of the sunlight coming through. I held the camera out and just started taking shots of myself.

    Once the second roll was finished I took it out of the camera and got dressed and hauled it over to the developers.

    Three days later the film as ready and none of the shots that my now ex-husband took were any good and as I flipped through the following photos I became somewhat more and more dismayed. Not majorly dismayed, just a little bummed that this shoot did not yield what I was looking for and then, there it was...the LAST shot of the roll. I was amazed!

    So the woman is me but the subject is something else. What exactly? It inspired a poet to write a poem based upon it and asked if she could include it in her exhibit. It seems both men and women both are drawn to the piece.

    So there you go, the story behind the picture. Thanks for asking Katherine! That was fun, eh? : )