Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sinus Cold or Root Canal Exorcism?

It started as a faint sore throat a few mornings ago. It gets dry in the winter so I really thought nothing of it. Then I noticed that my sinuses were a bit sensitive, again, nothing worth noting. Then it happened...

If any of you have had sinus pain that translated into drop-you-to-your-knees dental pain then you know what I am talking about. For two days and nights I was in dental agony. The pain wandering like a whole lot of hurtin' rollercoaster wrapping itself around and through my molars, into my ear, then up to the front of my teeth, and then like a bolt dead into the middle of my right eyeball. Finally I am forced to call my dentist and make an emergency appointment. He's a great dentist, mercury free and an homeopath as well. An x-ray is taken, cold chemicals are placed on each tooth to see it's response. I bite down on hard plastic pointy thingees. Then finally the diagnosis. He doesn't know. 

He hands me several homeopathic remedies and promises to follow up with me the next night. I then head back home on the subway. 

It's cold out. The ibuprofen I took before I headed out earlier is wearing off so out of shear necessity I hold my warm hand up to the right side of my face. I even block the right nostril. Nearly an hour later I am at the grocery store, to pick up some toothpaste that promises to reduce tooth sensitivity. I am desperate. I take a cab home cause I just can't take it anymore. But one thing I notice is, the pain reduces when keep that right nostril closed. Eureka!

The rest of the day I take my homeopathic medicine and keep that nostril closed at all costs. I am vision of less-than-loveliness as little pieces of tissue paper are wadded up to be shoved most unceremoniously into my right little nostril. I also don a handkerchief over my face bandit-style and sleep like Billy the Kid. And I notice, the pain is greatly reduced. Oh my God, is this a cold?!

It's a cold or some kind of virus that made my sinuses so sensitive that the nerves in the sinuses just freaked right out. Those nerves run right through the rest of my face, through the teeth, the eye, the ear. I have never felt my teeth throb so much that they felt like they were going to explode. 

My dentist, true to his word called me the next night. I told him my discovery. He then exclaimed that indeed it is possible and infact, that some people whose sinus problems had been misdiagnosed had undergone unneeded root canals. Did I already say, oh, my GOD!!!

So today, about 4 days later after this all started my pain is now just the odd low voltage zap. I hope I never have to undergo this birthing through my molars again.

I just had to do an illustration to express my molar meltdown. It's acrylic, in the ACEO format. Yeah, it was something like that. *laughing*

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