Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Air Canada says NO to pets this summer

I just found out, today, after I had already made all the arrangements to visit my Mom in long term care and bring her cat with me that Air Canada has a flight embargo against travelling with your pets after June 20th. Yep, that's right, if you want to take your pet with you on summer holidays or need to transport any animal for any reason that has to go cargo well you just can't do it after June 20th. They say it's because it is too hot in the cargo area for the pet's comfort. I think what they mean is that they are too cheap to air condition it so tough crap for you Joe or Jane traveller.

This isn't new. Air Canada had decided a short while back that they weren't going to take any animals any more period. Well Canadian citizens said, "Oh yeah?!  Well screw you Milty, we're going over to Westjet". And guess what? Ole Milty, the C.E.O and Grand Poobah of Air Canada had a change of heart and animals were once again allowed on board.

Westjet is still the better carrier these days as it costs half of what it costs to take your pet on Air Canada. My problem is that where I am going there are no direct flights with Westjet and what should be a 3 hour trip takes about 9.

So incase any of you thought that you could just take your pet with your this summer and add them onto your ticket with Air Canada you had better check out the dates on that travel ban. After hours of planning I am now back at square one and have to redo all my plans. Grrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I just LOVE this guy

Jonas Gerard is his name and every time I watch this video I feel like swigging some strong coffee and chompin' on a cigar as I paint and I hate cigars, the coffee I gave up begrudgingly.

If you are lacking in inspiration this'll get your creative mojo kick-started. Just click on the link above the picture. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making the Unseen Seen - Art can do that

"All is Vanity" by C. Allan Gilbert. Life, death and meaning are intertwined.

I came across this pen and ink illustration a few days ago. Some clever illustrative skills Mr. Gilbert has, he does. I am not sure how old this drawing is but it must have been done somewhere in the late 1800's or early 1900's. What is true then is true now. 

This image struck me as I, once again, am relegated to my bed due to ill health. As I lay there, sick, with an exhaustion that is cell deep and then some, I can't help but think of death. I feel it. We who are chronically ill, we get a fair idea of what it must feel like before you die. You are so exhausted, so sick, there is no energy, not even for hope. 

I love the way art can convey this feeling, this haunting. As the "normies" go about their tea time (or whatever those women are doing in that illustration), distracting themselves with life's pleasant formalities death waits. Ever patient, ever enduring, death sits with hands folded, as we fritter away our life gift frivolously or utilize it in earnest service.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding Lost Pieces...

I had forgotten about this piece. I did it as part of my entrance portfolio to an advertising art college program about 26 years ago. I was 18 when I did it. My cousin had seen it and asked if she could have it. I gave it to her and she framed it and I was reminded of it's existence on a visit to her and her husband's home last winter.

I only had a pocked camera to take a shot so that I would remember her. Funny, these images we draw, paint, conjure up. They have a life of their own once they leave our hands. Like our children they go out into the world and we have no idea how they are treated, talked about or where they end up. Just like people, in a way. Some attain great heights and are on display in a vaulted room with much attention and fanfare and others maybe remain in a corner, meaning to be put up, but never gotten around to. Who knows?

This one was on display, nicely framed and it was truly a wondrous strange event, being re-introduced to her again. Like an old, lost friend coming to visit for a but a brief time. This life is like that, a brief visit with those we remember from times past - like a memory in a cloud on the wind.