Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Earthquakes now RIOTS?!

Truly the end times are upon Toronto. Last night a friend of mine had to forgo Herbie Hancock at the Toronto Jazz festival because a group of anarchist sociopaths who have a penchant for black apparel decided it would be great fun to set police cars on fire and smash out dozens of shop windows in the downtown Toronto area. All transit was shut down and no one could get to the downtown core. This was the first time in history that the police have EVER had to use tear gas for crowd control in Toronto. Ever.

Toronto is a world-class city. It is the most successful at integrating almost every type of culture into itself. We don't just tolerate, we embrace and celebrate our diversity. We look ahead to the future and are environmentally aware. We believe in democracy, peaceful and creative protests.

Whatever the REAL protesters had to say at this G20 meeting was completely overshadowed by these assarists, oh, I mean self-declared anarchists. What was their message? Who knows? I couldn't hear above the wailing of sirens, the sounds of crashing glass and I couldn't see through the plumes of smoke coming from the police cars set on fire. This is not how things get done in Canada.

THIS is how things get done in Canada.

We take action but discuss things in a relaxed manner.  This is a REAL Canadian demonstration - a guy with a knapsack that has hemp snacks and Arizona green tea in it, and he'll share too.

There have been hundreds of arrests today and police located a good group that were hiding out in the University of Toronto residence facilities. They found black bella clavas tossed into the bushes just outside the residence. Pure tactical brilliance. I watched as it was being broadcast on tv, police leading the arrested in handcuffs. It looked more like parents coming to collect their unruly children who had too much to drink the night before as they shuffled out of the building, handcuffed and hung over.

Ah kids, will they ever learn?