Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Honour of Orange!

I just listed this image on Etsy - it is a fine art giclee print. The oiginal sits above my alter and I just can't let it go! *laughing* There is something about it that is so healing, so necessary that I have to keep the original, for now. I used professional golden and winsor newton paints and iridescent and bright gold. For the leaf motif I use an actual leaf I found. 
This painting was inspired by those, shimmery summer early evenings when the sun is heading towards the horizon and catches the dust particles just so and everything around you becomes ensconced in the most beautiful, most ethereal warm golden-orange light. There is something so nurturing, relaxing, calming and energizing about that.
Maybe one day I will let the original go but not now. I need it.

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