Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reality vs Fantasy?

I knew they retouched beauty magazine ads and cover shots but I had NO idea they retouched almost ever damned celebrity related shot that's ever taken?!  Thanks to boreme.com for this side by side shot of what the individual looked like in REAL life at the celeb event and what we we see in the magazine/print/ and blog/online presence media. It's a FANTASY and what a fantasy. I didn't know they could do better makeup by machine than I can do in front of my mirror and whoa, where did her chest freckles go?  Man I wished someone could have done this for my passport photo *shudder*.

So the next time you feel crappy about yourself for taking a less than stellar photograph just remember, you are really just like everyone else sans the hours of photoshop retouching. God bless ya!