Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Naked Dancing Women Fill Me with Joy (and snooty art critics be damned!) says David Miliband

The "offending" painting shown above the couple.

Who has the right to judge? News story on a self-proclaimed art critic's vicious attack on the middle class AND on artists themselves. Eloquent response from Mr. David Miliband, who would be labelled the middle class art appreciator. Either way, the artist, Ms. Michele Dovey wins, after she finishes applying bandages to the wounds torn open by the art critic. The exposure she has gotten as a result one just can't buy! Good for her!

This photo gained notoriety because the amateur photographer who took it won a contest as a result, but the art-critical vitriol that was heaped on both the couple and the artist who painted the painting shown was jaw-dropping.

Read further to hear the vicious attack and Mr. Milliband's eloquent response to it.

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