Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This won $50,000.00 Should it have?

This was the winner in the 2010 Grange Photographic Canadian and International Competition. It is titled, "Doorknob" and is a chromogenic print by artist, Mr. Kristan Horton.

What do you think, either way, and why?

As for me, well,  I had to really peer into it to see what it was at first. If that was one of the criteria, to engage the viewer, it did that. But I was studying to make sense of it, visually and subjectively. If that was another criteria then, check mark again.

Okay, Mr. Horton, I maybe missing some things here but it reminds me of investigative work, trying to see what the medium can do and that is fine, but not as a final subject. It reminds me of, and forgive me, but, kind of taking an image and going a bit crazy with photoshop.

As an artist myself I do hesitate to negatively criticize any artist's work. So this piece is not bad, I just don't think it is a finished work and still has some design issues to work out. That's my humble opinion. However the longer I look at it the more mesmerizing it becomes and I am not being sarcastic. You see, it's the artist mind, always inquisitive, looking more and more into things.

Well that's my take on it. What's yours?

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