Sunday, November 14, 2010

When Smaller is Better!

I don't usually show a painting in the midst of the pangs of becoming but I wanted to share how a brief moment of insight can set EVERYTHING right.

I was having some trouble. I have been working on a large 36" x 24" painting that I wanted to convey the pure unbridled joy of creation. The sun and rays were great, and the river had some good work but the land masses were too hot.

Behold the small format miracle. As I had sat down, once again, in front of the large painting, wondering  on how best to work this, an idea, a visual came to me. I needed to sketch out the painting from scratch, small format. So, I resisted inertia, grabbed a 5" x 7" canvas board, some watercolor pencil crayons and manganese blue watercolor and did it. This above was the result!

So you can see, within one hour, I was able to solve the color and design riddle. I will put aside the larger painting, for now, and will work from the color study to create a new painting.

I love when I actually listen to that artistic guidance that whispers in my mind's eye and ear. Sometimes when something isn't working you have to let it go and try something new. I am glad I heeded the call.

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