Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Official Color - Honeysuckle? Really - Honeysuckle?

Yep, here it is, the official color of 2011 - Pantone's 18-2120 TCX Honeysuckle. Now don't get me wrong, I am not against this color, in fact, it is a very vibrant, lively and can be, in small amounts, an uplifting and energizing color but this is not the color I would have chosen for this upcoming predicted year of more challenges. After the turquoise reminiscent of the 50's of last year (which depressed me I gotta say) I find this color choice is too forceful in trying to coerce a happy and vibrant atmosphere in the midst of such stress and strain. It offers no relief, and does not succeed in conveying true optimism.

A better choice, IMHO, would have been something like this healing ethereal spring green.

This beautiful uplifting color would have given relief to an over-stimulated and over-stressed society. We are being pushed to deal with many challenges from a variety of areas in life these days and what we REALLY need is a quiet healing escape that is rejuvenating and uplifting. With this then we could then re-enter the fray with renewed energy and and optimism.

So if you are having to have the first honeysuckle color in your home or accessories, to mitigate its possible over-exciting nature couple it with the above color which is in the complementary color to the vibrating honeysuckle. It's all about maintaining a balance or one is under or overstimulated and both can lead to lethargy, depression and rash irrationality. Happy decorating : )


  1. it's close enough to the shade of my shawl in my last but one blog post... I must say I pretty much enjoy the colour, it's unirritating,warm and friendly but still vibrant

  2. It doesn't have the pure vigor of bright red but still demands engagement. If one is overtired or depressed, it can become irritating. However, if one is already buoyant and energetic, it will continue the flow of that quite easily.

    It can become overwhelming and fatiguing if used in large amounts and over an extended time. In fabric, as part of the wardrobe, it would be fine to use as a whole shawl color, and out for part of the day. But to have it as a couch color or in a large painting, over time, would have a detrimental effect. It is a color that demands energy to process.