Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need Some Sunergy!? Here is "Sun Joy Burst" to the Rescue!

    Just in time for the new year, one of my "Healing Hues Art - positive paintings for healing, energizing and mediation" here she is all finished, my little power-packed oil titled "Sun Joy Burst"! 
    Do you need some surging summer energy? Packed with the strength of the pure positive energy of nature - this little oil 
painting contains a tremendous creative punch! It is light-hearted, playful, creative, positive, happy and unrelentingly so! Various shades of orange, gold, light greens, yellows, with turquoise sky blue and touches of magenta - these are the positive, strong yet light, energy colors. 
    Painted on a 5" x 7" canvas board in professional artist's oils this painting will outlast it's creator and then some with no colour fade. It's energy will continue for many, many years. Happy New Year!


  1. It really makes an impact! Beautiful work, Gwen, and thanks for the uplifting, positive energy in the middle of this week :)

  2. Hi Gwen,

    I just found your kind comments on my Flickr file where I haven't been in four months. Thank you so much. I love this painting and your philosophy, and like you if I had 25 lifetimes I'd do many things, but I'm delighted to be an artist and a teacher. The world has been good to me.

    Take care,


  3. Wow, thanks Barbara! You know, just what you said, "the world has been good to me", my Mom says the same thing and the amazing thing is, she now has Alzheimer's and STILL says she is grateful for her life.
    Thank you for your kind comments my friend.

  4. Hello Gwen,

    This is a very nice and powerfull picture!!! It's a warm explosion comming from the essence. I feel like hugging and kissing this painting :
    You say so much...with colours...

    Thank you,


  5. Why thank you so much, Gisela! I love to hear how my paintings make people feel. Color, shape, form, light. Who would have thought that such things could move us humans so.