Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's the Year of the Metal Rabbit!

Here's to the Rabbit! My creation "Meditative Rabbit Pointing at the Moon". It's a 5" x 7" acrylic original done quadruple gessoed hard board. Ain't she a beaut! The rabbit is a yin sign, so I made her female, even though in the original it was sketched out as male. I will make a second post to follow to show the process of her creation, for all you art nerds out there : )

The rabbit is part of the Eastern (Chinese) Zodiac and is fourth in line, in between the tiger and dragon. The year we are just leaving was the year of the Tiger, and what a year THAT has been. World turbulence, riots, uprisings, civil unrest, high drama, all the Tiger's style. Not at all mine by the way. That is why I am so glad it is now the Year of the Rabbit. With it should come a calming down and return to sanity. We can now hobble off to our favourite chair and tend to the wounds that were inflicted. We will have time for enjoyment and money should come in a bit more easily. Diplomacy is a rabbit trait so let's hope we'll see some repair in the international world relationships.

That is why I painted this image, I wanted to show how peaceful and wise this year could be. All we have to do is stop. Stop to reflect, meditate and come to the realization that this life is like her finger pointed at the moon. If you want to get REALLY deep, here's a great explanation of what that actually means in spiritual terms go the link at the bottom of this post. 

You can find this painting, celebrating this Year of the Metal Rabbit, in my Etsy store but hurry. Something tells me she won't last too long there : )

Happy Chinese New Years to you all!

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