Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Birth of Pocket Chakra Eye Candy!

THIS is the premiere piece of a new line of paintings called "pocket chakras" as they are small enough to be transported to work or home being only 4" x 5" but still big enough to pack a visual punch! Wondering how the hell this came to be?  Follow me, let's walk n' talk.

First was was two weeks of incredible stress which left me feeling like this. 

I got zero painting done during that time as the will to paint was crushed. Then when I finally righted my ship (got rid of the factors that were causing the stress), almost immediately, it came to me.

I quickly jotted the "vision" down and then expanded it immediately to this.

I won't get into it, but the multi-level stress situation that had been hugely interrupting my life and my sleep (I don't need any help in that area as I already deal with chronic, ongoing, insomnia) I finally figured it all out. I used my creative problem-solving skills and my voice, my voice to communicate what needed to be communicated. And, that ended the situation and all that stress melted away 
and the painting "Voice Your Creativity" literally burst forth and onto the scene.

Combining the strengths of blue (communication/voice chakra) and orange (creativity/sexuality/emotionality chakra), and reinforcing them with the power of the corresponding words, well, I just sat back amazed. I literally just let this one come forward and made it pretty. Pretty powerful!

From the darkness bursts forth light and life.

And that's how this little gem, and a whole new line of healing/motivating/manifestational artwork, was born. 

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