Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Healthy Deodorant causes Cancer?!

 Yep, according to the Environmental Working Group it rated in the red with a 7 out of 10 for containing ingredients that may do harm. The ingredient that caused the real trouble was that it contained "fragrance" and since the company does not define what that fragrance is, they got penalized for it. Also, this product contains lemon peel oil which at low doses can be a skin irritant and at high doses causes tumour formation. Nice. I had noticed that my skin did become somewhat irritated, especially if I had just shaved as there is both the lemon peel and alcohol in it. It works not too bad but Alba had a great natural deodorant that DID work really nicely.
It rated a 2 out of ten, so basically, great by EWG standards. Problem is, Alba no longer ships product to Canada. *sniff, sniff*

Since this blog and the art I do is focused on healing the body, mind and spirit I have decided that I will also post information on products, treatments, etc., that have proven to be helpful to me. This was just one of those discoveries that I had to share.

To learn more from the Environmental Working Group and what sunscreens, personal beauty and bath items and food that are safe and/or safer go to their website

With summer coming you'll want to be as safe in the sun as you can be and that includes what you slather on your skin!

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