Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey Balcony Container Gardeners!

Balcony container gardeners unite! This will be my third year of balcony container gardening and I have decided to start a blog to share what does and doesn't work. If you are like me, living in less than ideal conditions for gardening then you may get some ideas. I include a photo of my first balcony container garden experience. The lettuce was fantastic! I got a few handful of beans from that bean plant but the tomatoes, well, sadly, nothing. I used soil specifically for containers and as organic as I could find.

Here's the link for my new Toronto Balcony Container blog.

I think I am in zone 6b or 6a. My balcony is on the 19th floor and faces west. I am excited to see what this year will bring and what I will learn! Join me, won't you : )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Spring Dream

At the end of my last painting I just couldn't throw out all the paint that was left so I decided to just "whip something up" specifically dealing with greens and this is what I got - straight out of me head, no reference material at all. For you gamers out there, this reminds me of a scene out of Heroes of Might and Magic. What can I say?  You get influenced by EVERYTHING as an artist. : )

It's a little 4" x 5" original acrylic painting on canvas board that fits in your hand. It's titled "My Spring Dream" and it is cause I'm still waiting for some warm weather and green stuff to show up! Come one already spring - it's been a long, gray cold winter.

Come by my Etsy shop to see it and more!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your visual antidepressant - Voice your Creativity!

Here she is, your natural de-stressor and anti-depressant titled "Voice your Creativity to the Heavens!" However it is not coming out of the darkness but literally materializing out of the lightness. It has a very calming yet uplifting affect and it mellows me out and makes me happier just looking at it. It is a 4" x 5" acrylic painting with some gorgeous texture. It feels like it's emerging from summer clouds and I LOVE that!

Fair warning, If you love my work and having always been wanting to purchase one act sooner than later as I am increasing my prices as of April 15th, 2011.