Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Imagining the Hereafter

Inspired by a friend and professional psychic, Barb Powell, I whipped up this image for her invitation to submit an image depicting psychic abilities in action. I had the whole month of May to submit an image but NOTHING came to mind that I liked, until today, May 31st. 

So at 8 pm tonight (with a half hour break) I started and with no time to get reference for the visual in mind's eye I began. I finished at 11 pm and that left an hour to photograph and upload it before midnight. Reminds me of my old days as an in-house designer/illustrator, pulling all nighters and screaming in to submit the final to the ad agency. Does it make me pine for those days gone by? Nope. 

 This little piece was done in professional grade Golden and Winsor and Newton acrylics on 8" x 6" canvas board. I enjoyed the challenge and my favourite are the spirits in the upper left hand corner.

If you ever need a highly ethical, accurate and compassionate psychic, check Barb out at 

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