Sunday, July 31, 2011

NEW Art Auction! An Attack of the Cutes!

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Okay I've hat an attack of the cutes lately. I admit it. The result? This extremely cute little 5"x7" oil painting titled "I Bring You Daisies Two". Yes, this rabbit is a distant relative of Yoda - see the ear family resemblance? Painted from life, I set up this little still life and I guess there still is a little girl inside of me that can appreciate the cute, the kind, the sweet. 

Perfect for a shower or child's first birthday gift or for that little girl (or boy) that still resides within your friends, family, or yourself. I'm lucky - even after I sell this piece, I at least get to have the image to output as cards or a print for myself. That's the side benefits of being an artist and loving what you do, literally.

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