Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Queen of Serious

"The Queen of Serious" 5" x 7" oil panel painting

Now THIS was a challenge. I have done a lot of portraiture in my day BUT usually I have several days to a few weeks to complete them in. Today - 60 minutes. My GOD! I have never moved so fast on a portrait before and to be honest, I took one hour and twenty minutes. If I didn't take the extra twenty minutes her title would have been "The Queen of Zombies". 

All in all I like her! Man, it was an amazing trip painting so fast! It is not my style but I will say it makes me much better in seeing and I like the work better. The color is fresh and the brush strokes are fast and alive! Even though the person is intense and dramatic looking, the background approach lightens the mood and makes her have a slightly light-hearteded mischievous side. 

What to do next? Check back tomorrow to find out.

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