Saturday, July 2, 2011

Three Days, Three Only-One-Hour-to-Paint-Them-In Paintings!

Done in just an hour, this painting was an exhilarating challenge!
I found this image amongst my reference photos and immediately loved the photo's composition, color and subject matter. Here was my inspiration for my daily painting with only one hour to execute it. Let's go!

It was both exhilarating and terrifying as you have to decide on the fly what to keep in and what to lose and what colour values to lay down! I don't usually find automobiles inspiring but loved this little Mini Cooper and it's like drawing/painting anything else - you have to pay attention, find relationships between components and most importantly, putting down the right colour values!

After a frenetic hour it was done! I did have to stop two-thirds of the way through to clean the over 25 brushes that I employed. You have to have clean brushes to put down those values accurately. But then I was back at it for the remaining 20 minutes. That hour just FLIES by.

Mini-Coopers are unbelievably cute. I imagined this one
going feral into the countryside without it's owner, free at last!
Here is the original reference photo cropped to compose a well-balanced and strong composition. Notice the house in the upper left corner acting as a counter-balance to the Mini. With the dynamic lines of the road, roadside grass cute lines and fence poles there is a lot of action in this image with the rolling curve of the green hills and rounded edges of the trees to again, achieve a counter balance. The first step to a successful image is to make sure the composition is strong and the subject matter captivating and I think this little dittie does just that. From a strong composition comes a strong painting.


  1. It's beautiful and awesome!!! I love MINIs and this paining makes me smiling :)
    I wish I had it in my room... ;)

    1. Ah thanks M. Well, keep an eye out because they have become a slight addiction of mine. I am going to be doing more paintings of them in the future, that's for sure, especially come spring. I am going to stalk the streets of Toronto looking for the sprightly mini. You never know where'll they'll hiding and darting out from!

      Also, if you go to my Etsy shop, you can purchase a print of it. Not an oil painting but the next best thing : )