Friday, July 1, 2011

True Inspiration - You Can't Fake It

An photo of friendship was the inspiration for
the one hour painting session that produced this painting.
Each person's inspiration is as intimate as relationship as you can get. I struggled to get inspired for my second daily painting sessions. Nothing and I mean NOTHING was doing it for me. I looked through my large log of photos and finally came upon it. It as a photo snapped several years ago as I took a very bored, apartment-bound cat out for a walk. I have since learned that cats don't "walk" well. However my cat was no longer bored and had ample dream material for weeks.

I love that photo. Even though it is from the back it captures each of our spirits so well, independently and how we are with each other, our friendship. 

The original photo.

Since I only had an hour it really forces you to get on with it and it's amazing in that I find that is makes me paint in a more direct and painterly, if you will, manner. You get to SEE the action - where the paint was laid down, the moment to moment decisions the painter quickly had to make. It forces you to really pay attention. It also calls upon the skills of the artist, years and years of drawing skills, color theory execution and good design sense. And yet, it still is a gamble cause you never really know if it is going to succeed or not. 

The drawing I did earlier was not of the photo, it was a life drawing that was, well, just not inspired but I did it anyway. For the painting though, because it draws so much effort from the painter, it must be a subject that somehow inspires them or they'll probably paint the subject in the same way they feel about it - in a boring and mechanical way. 

Today is another day and another painting awaits. What will inspire me today? Check back by later tonight or tomorrow to find out!


  1. It's definitely much easier to work on a painting if there is some sort of inner connection. It keeps the passion burning longer. I have seen many a cat on leashes. I'm thankful that you're holding your instead. LOL

  2. Definitely Rebecca and yes, I did have her on a leash so I could put her down to sniff the trees, flowers, grass. But at a certain point she was done with all that and so I just scooped her up over my shoulder (she loves that) and it was up and away we go! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment : )