Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Magnificent Mushroom!

"Magnificent Mushroom" 5" x 7" oil painting
on canvas hard panel
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I just had to paint a mushroom. Just had to. It had to be one of those mythical orange tops - the ones that fairies rest and play under. So here it is, my homage to that most glorious fungi! I finally was able to use one of the canvas panel hardboards that I hand made a while back. I love the weight and feel of it.

So enjoy this one. It makes me smile and laugh when I look at it. It just feels good and reminds me of those great hikes I use to take decades ago back in Prince Albert National Park. This painting would look great in a little study, a corner nook somewhere with a desk and lamp or even in the kitchen. Enjoy!


  1. Your painting looks good! Well, it's great that you paid tribute to the magnificent mushroom that has healing powers! They will reward you with something special for that painting. :)

    [Mack Shepperson]