Monday, August 22, 2011

Never Open an Umbrella Indoors and Other Superstitions Defied!

Cute and curious and not afraid of no umbrella!
This week I put together a "Daily Paintworks Challenge" to the online community of daily working artists that I belong to. The subject? Superstitions. OooooOooo. I did one of my favourites, opening up an umbrella indoors and to boot, had the cat sit under it. Actually being the curious critter she is she came right up to it and sat underneath it giving it a good sniff over. I decided not to make her all black but I was tempted.  So I took the shots, selected the one you see above, and then did the painting from it. 

"Superstitious Shelter" 6" x 6" oil on canvas panel
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You can see I changed a few things, like taking out the red table which was too distracting from the red umbrella and modifying the background. I also punched up the value differences to bring attention to the cat underneath and in the middle of the umbrella. I wanted to image to have that drama and pop value but without being garish. I loved the rich flooring and the reflections I was able to pull. 

I am quite happy with this little oil indoor still life. One of my favourites!

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