Friday, August 19, 2011

Nothing Says Summer Like Dutch Dream's Ice cream!

Some lucky Torontonians cooling off with some Dutch Dreams ice cream. 

I decided the other day to finally get out and get some reference shots of my Toronto neighbourhood and lucky me, the Dutch Dreams ice cream shop is down and around the corner. THIS is THE ice cream shop in Toronto. It is city-wide renowned and it's literally in my backyard. I am so lucky I am allergic to dairy (and have steel willpower on this) or I'd be getting my latest apparel at the local tent and awning shop.

Just enjoy this little splash of colour and summer and look forward to some small format paintings based on it. I mean, it's got a four foot sunday and creepy Dutch carhop at the entrance, not to mention the gnomes sprinkled on the side of the walls and other dairy paraphernalia. It really is something to behold and people line up down the block on a hot weekend summer's night. Ahhhhhh, summer.

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