Friday, August 5, 2011

Turning Black and White into Colour Without Photoshop!

This was the challenge, to turn the black and white photo on the left
back into colour using your artistic skills. Yikes!
As you can see I altered the photo to strengthen the composition,
take out the distractions. The top right is the eye entry point (I got rid of
the dangling blind cords) and decided I really wanted the plant
to be the focus. I added more room to the left side of the
paintings, so we could see the left side of the glass decanter and
to properly frame the subjects within in the frame. Also I changed
the position of the lock from the centre of the window to the side,
that way, the elements balanced themselves better in the frame.
"On My Windowsill" 4" x 6" oil on canvas panel
buy this painting here
As part of the DPW artist community I have been looking into their painting challenges and decided to take up the latest challenge of taking a supplied black and white image and then turning that image into colour. Much to my surprise it was actually fun! I'd always wanted to do this but never seemed to give it the time. Not until the challenge that is : )

So here is my colour solution. You had to ascribe the right colour values to the corresponding grey scale of values in the original photo. The colour I utilized was basically a blue/green and orange - so I believe that is a split complementary coupled with mother colour theory. My palette was ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cadmium lemon yellow, alizarin crimson, and titanium white. 

Oddly the terra cotta planter was what attracted me. Guess I wasn't a crow or raven in another life (glittery, sparkly things attract those feathered critters, as people have found all kinds of bobbles and bright things in their nests). Probably just a mud thrower (pottery gal). Love pottery, and terra cotta has a special place in my heart. 

This was a rewarding experience. Glad I took the time to do it. 

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