Monday, September 12, 2011

Cat Approved New Artist's Studio!

"Oh my godzes, I LUVS this!!!". The cat runs past me into
the studio, jumping up on the window and giving it
lots of love.

Walking into the new and much improved
gallery facing north west with more towers
of boxes.

Walking a little further into the room and look who
already beat me in? See her past the boxes on 

the window. Northern windows for my studio.
Can you say YES!

She jumps up on the window and gives it lots of love.

She checks out the north view.

"I be so happy."

"Let's never leave".

And that's about it for now. The beginning of what I hope will be the beginning of a brilliant, new, prosperous adventure. And what did you say Tiffe? Oh, and squirrels, lots of squirrels to inhabit the tree just outside the window.

Stay tuned, as soon as I get my studio all up and at 'em I'll post more photos of it in action. This place truly feels nurturing. Such a huge difference from my former apartment. I won't have to fight my space to create and that feels like a luxury.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick, Get It Down!

"Crescent Moon Sunset" 10" x 10" oil painting on stretched canvas
Purchase Here

So the other night I am busy packing away for my move happening in a few days and I look out my west-facing balcony and see the most beautiful summer crescent moon emerging. I MUST get it down! I quickly realize though that I have packed all my canvas panels. Damn! Okay, stretched canvas it is and the smallest I have is a 10"x 10". I quickly get busy and clear a space amongst boxes, packing tape and growing disorder for my palette and canvas to barely fit in and quickly work the paint as I look up and down from the quickly fading scene before my eyes. 

So here is the final product. I don't know if it was the time pressure (to capture this image before it quickly faded) or what but I quickly got it down and it retains all the energy, freshness and vitality of that original image outside my west-facing balcony. I just love the moon in all it's appearances, but especially summer moons with those dark mysterious thread clouds blowing nearby.

There is not much I will miss about my current apartment. I am grateful for it though but one thing I will sorely miss is the gorgeous sunsets and moon appearances that being this high up and in this direction has brought me. Just for that, I have been incredibly blessed.