Monday, September 12, 2011

Cat Approved New Artist's Studio!

"Oh my godzes, I LUVS this!!!". The cat runs past me into
the studio, jumping up on the window and giving it
lots of love.

Walking into the new and much improved
gallery facing north west with more towers
of boxes.

Walking a little further into the room and look who
already beat me in? See her past the boxes on 

the window. Northern windows for my studio.
Can you say YES!

She jumps up on the window and gives it lots of love.

She checks out the north view.

"I be so happy."

"Let's never leave".

And that's about it for now. The beginning of what I hope will be the beginning of a brilliant, new, prosperous adventure. And what did you say Tiffe? Oh, and squirrels, lots of squirrels to inhabit the tree just outside the window.

Stay tuned, as soon as I get my studio all up and at 'em I'll post more photos of it in action. This place truly feels nurturing. Such a huge difference from my former apartment. I won't have to fight my space to create and that feels like a luxury.


  1. I love this post. How does your studio look now? I have a kitty that could be this one's twin... so cute and fluffy!

  2. Well, Susan, it's almost up and running. I think this last move really tuckered me out and actually my hands were made really sore and painful so I have had to wait till this subsided. And, the kitty, well she is a Maine Cook cat and she is ridiculously fluffy, hyper intelligent, very chatty and has to be in the middle of everything I do. When I paint she will jump up on an empty chair beside me and just watch till she is lulled into dream land. I hope to do some paintings of her in the near future. I wonder if your cat is a Maine Coon too? They are exceptional bright, talkative and complex. I just love them!
    I will post some new pics of the studio (and maybe even a video) as soon as soon as things are rocking. I think that will be after this thanksgiving. I have some gluten free pumpkin pie to make and eat! Thanks Susan!

  3. Yes Gwen mine is a Coon cat too. I do live in Maine. lol Not that every cat here is coon or anything...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Not sure when that is for you. This weekend?

  4. Yep, it's this weekend, Susan, and the weather is suppose to be gorgeous! Looking forward to maybe photographing some of the changing colors. Enjoy your weekend too!

  5. I love your studio!! and your kitty too :) aren't we lucky ladies to have such beautiful cats!