Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick, Get It Down!

"Crescent Moon Sunset" 10" x 10" oil painting on stretched canvas
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So the other night I am busy packing away for my move happening in a few days and I look out my west-facing balcony and see the most beautiful summer crescent moon emerging. I MUST get it down! I quickly realize though that I have packed all my canvas panels. Damn! Okay, stretched canvas it is and the smallest I have is a 10"x 10". I quickly get busy and clear a space amongst boxes, packing tape and growing disorder for my palette and canvas to barely fit in and quickly work the paint as I look up and down from the quickly fading scene before my eyes. 

So here is the final product. I don't know if it was the time pressure (to capture this image before it quickly faded) or what but I quickly got it down and it retains all the energy, freshness and vitality of that original image outside my west-facing balcony. I just love the moon in all it's appearances, but especially summer moons with those dark mysterious thread clouds blowing nearby.

There is not much I will miss about my current apartment. I am grateful for it though but one thing I will sorely miss is the gorgeous sunsets and moon appearances that being this high up and in this direction has brought me. Just for that, I have been incredibly blessed.


  1. Like you I'm an avid moon-watcher, and you did a lovely job of capturing the beauty, color and mystery of this quickly passing event.

  2. Thanks so much, NP. I can't help it, I will always be enamoured with this Celestial Being.