Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Piece of the Rockies in Acrylic

"Mountain Forest Stream" 5" x 6" acrylic original
on canvas board.
here to purchase.

I have wanted to do an image like this for a long time. Back to the days (now almost twenty years ago) when I use to spend time in Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise. I just loved these easy hikes into the mountains, seeing the streams fast flowing by. I wanted to create that refreshing energy in just the right composition, colour palette and light determination. Here it is, an original 5" x 6" acrylic on canvas board titled "Mountain Forest Stream". I really like the colour values and notes I struck here as you can see the light is brightest at the mouth of the stream where it is coming from the top and moving to the right out of our line of sight. The stream then comes to us and then veers away left and it is more in the reflected light area of the little canyon, if you will. I love the colour of the water, a deep pristine azure blue that has always captivated me. It's like a flowing gem stone. 

Also this piece has blurred the line between an acrylic/oil. I wanted to lose the harsh edginess that acrylics can be accused of and through subtle value changes create a softer, impressionistic/realistic look but keeping it on the dreamy side. That is what I was going for and I think, with this piece, I have accomplished that. So if you are like me, now far away from the Rockies and God knows when you'll be back, you can take a piece of it home with you forever in this little painting. Enjoy!

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