Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beginning of Something Beautiful Part Two!

Part two (second painting) in the triptych series "Oak Leaf Glory"
12" x 12" original acrylic on stretched canvas

Here is the second painting in the 3 painting series "Oak Leaf Glory". In this painting I illustrate the changing of the season from the strong life force of green foliage then turning to yellow/gold which shimmers in the fall sunlight. One of the most beautiful images one can behold is to see the sun streaming through a park or forest path and a gentle breeze knocks free some yellow/gold leaves in the prime of their fall colours. You watch them gently flutter through the air to land gently on the ground path before you. Breathtakingly beautiful.

This painting utilizes over 16 different pigments along with iridescents both gold and green. The painting shifts and changes as you walk around it and also as the light changes from day to night. Truly, this is one of the most beautiful images I have ever created. 

This painting series will be made available as both canvas and paper edition giclee reproductions as well as fine art greeting cards. I look forward to the New Year to make these available and to have even more original paintings' images available this way.

The final painting in this series will be finished in the next week. It's about two-thirds of the way there. It, and writing out all my Christmas cards, will be done this week! 


  1. So lovely and peaceful.
    Gwen I came across a tibetan teacher, who happens to be Ven. Pema Chodron's ( teacher.
    His name his Dzigar Kongtrul, and he descends from a pure lineage of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
    He's also an abstract painter.
    I'll give you his link so you can have a chance to listen to his talks on Buddhism and art!
    A gem!

    Wishing you well my friend xox

  2. The direct link didn't go through, so you'll have to paste in your browser.