Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pleasure, Pain and Persistence - The Three P's of Successful Creativity

12" x 12" last acrylic painting panel of the triptych "Oak Glory". It was through the
process of "the three P's of Successful Creativity" that I was able to complete
 this last panel. It was not easy nor pretty (I was oh so cranky at times) but the finished
 product speaks for itself. I gratefully pass on my experience
to those who would benefit from it. 

Pleasure is what gets you started. You get an idea that excites you, your pulse quickens, pupils dilate and you say YES! You want to do it, have to do it, and the excitement and energy runs high. Then it happens, you hit a snag and it starts - the Pain.

You feel it when your idea isn't working the way you thought and you're not sure how to continue on. It's like the ugly duckling stage and your wondering if it will ever turn into that unique, beautiful, never-seen-before swan you were hoping for. At this stage the work feels like it's taking forever, or taking too long to figure out or both and that initial excitement is long gone and replaced by anxiety and a growing dread. Not to worry however as this is the exact time to apply the big gun tool of Persistence. 

Once Persistence enters the picture she's the diligently determined dog digging in the hard ground of the back yard because she just KNOWS there's a big, juicy bone down there some where, and she's right. In the pain stage you felt like the universe was mocking your creative instinct, but when Peristence enters the room the universe falls back and marvels at the sheer power of it's tenacity, YOUR tenacity. One way or another you WILL finish this. And you do. It may not feel good, (usually doesn't), and your hydro bill goes up as you burn the midnight oil but when you step back and see the final results, and they are good, very good, you have no regrets, just gratitude. You are grateful to yourself for having the courage to see this to the end, with the fear that it could have been a gargantuan failure. And then again, there is no such thing. It's all part of the process to ascending the summit of successful creativity. 

And that is what I learned over the last 4 months crystallized in the successful completion of this last panel and hence, the series itself. I will post all three panels in a short whlle. They look beautiful, and I am oh so grateful to myself that I didn't give up. Don't give up, ever. Keep the summit in sight and push on through the pain (be it physical, psychological, emotional and so on). It's oh so worth it!

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