Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Official, Video Game Art IS Art - the Smithsonian Says So!

From the game "Journey". I just love the use of space, the asymmetrical
balancing, the Zen-like use of space. As soon as I saw this image as I saw
this image I knew I wanted to play this game.
It also got a great review from IGN which doesn't hurt. 

I heard about this and thought, "It's about time".  For too long video game art, illustration, etc., has been looked down on by the high-brow crowd but it doesn't matter any more. Never did. Video game art can be one of the most demanding art forms and the artists working on them are professional, hard-working artists that deserve to be recognized as such. Also the art is interactive, it draws the viewers in, draws
the gamers in and it's often the quality of art that makes the games successful, both on it's own merits and
also in the commercial sense. That and good game playing mechanics coupled with excellent story telling
in the writing department. 

Please click here to see the Smithsonian's Video Art Game Show page video!

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