Friday, March 9, 2012

Juried In and On Their Way to the Show!

These three original framed oil paintings of mine were accepted into the
All About Art International Juried Art Show and Sale
put on by the MossRehab hospital in Elkins Park, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A

I entered an artist's call for entries late last year from the "All About Art International Juried Exhibition and Sale of Art by Professional Artists with Physical Disabilities" put on by the MossRehab hospital in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania which is thirty-two years in the running. I then forgot all about it till I got my acceptance letter in the mail a few months later and was stunned with disbelief! Then came the real work.

The newer pieces "Moon Ascending Blue Mountain" and "Superstitious Shelter" which were done on canvas panel board needed to be framed and would have to complement and tie-in with the self portrait that was already framed. I turned to Franken Frames to find real wood frames and linen matts to make the trio hang together in unison.

After much deliberation I settled on silver wooden frames and an off-white linen cloth matt. With the help of Roger at Franken Frames, I was able to get the measurements precise so as to maximize the image area of the painting. Also, Roger is meticulous so I could feel as sure as I could that these frames would arrive in the right size and in good condition, and they did.

So after assembling the paintings into their new frames I worked on packaging them all up and then trying to figure out how to ship them properly; what type of paperwork would be necessary and how to fill that paper work out. Fellow artist Roger and his wife Yoko, helped me, a complete stranger, with the never-ending paper work for customs and Nancy Pageau, the art curator for the show, was extremely helpful as well. Working with a disability that can make cognitive work a challenge, their help was very much needed and truly, greatly appreciated.

So the paintings were shipped, finally, today. Hoorah! The show runs from April 29 - July1, 2012. Here is a link to last year's show if you would like to see what kind of work is juried in, want to know more about the show and the MossRehab hospital who sponsors it I will put up the 2012 link as soon as it is up. 

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