Saturday, March 31, 2012

Part 3: When The Whisper Becomes Reality - the Finished Painting "Vibrant Serenity"!

14" x 24" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas titled "Vibrant Serenity"
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What I love about this painting is that it was done purely out of my imagination with no reference material. It's that place where dreams come from, the dream or idea generator. It's a place that exists yet you cannot grab it, hold it, buy or sell it. It streams these ideas, these dreams and, being an artist, I am fortunate that I can sometimes give these ideas or dreams substance in the tangible world. The world of shapes and forms - the waking world.

From my mind's eye, (the sketch and small painted study I posted previously) emerges to the final event. One thing did change however. The final seemed to just want to be blues and blue-greens, to be an analogous (be in one colour group, or of related colours) painting yet to retain it's vitality and energy. So I dropped the red-violet and here is the result. "Vibrant Serenity"! It measures 14" x 24" on stretched canvas (that I stretched myself as I could not find the size of canvas I needed that was already stretched and prepped) and its, alive! I wanted the atmosphere to literally breathe and vibrate whilst the mountains stood stoically, their reflection being more calm on the waters before them with the "breathing" atmosphere more subtly reflected. I think I achieved that.

   I want to thank Susan, one of my collectors with her perfect, succinct description of my work. She says,"They are both vibrant and serene.. seems to be a contradiction almost but that is what I feel when I look them them". She totally nails it and to honour her exquisite ability to do so, I title this new painting after her words. Perfect.

If you haven't seen them, I include the previous posts images, the initial sketch and study. Enjoy!

5 1/4" x 3 1/8" study for "Vibrant Serenity"
Initial sketch for "Vibrant Serenity"

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