Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feelin' Good Ain't Pretty - Sometimes.

I don't usually use black in my palette, but times they are a changing. Here is my "Love Fell Down" an 18" x 24" original acrylic expressionistic abstract painting. This vision came into my mind's eye about a week and a half ago. At first, I gently refused it. Then I realized I had to let it tell it's story. So I let it have it's way and come through me to be in this world where we can see the interior workings of the very active world within all of us.

This painting illustrates that moment when love seems to fail. Us, someone or something shuts down, turns away, refuses, for that moment, to love us, to tell the truth, to be brave. Love falls down, in them or us, they let it fall down, we let it fall down. But the good news is, it - they - us, can always get up again and do the right thing, let love stand and move again, through all of us.

This is how it started, I just had to get it down as the visual was in my mind and I wanted to work it out quickly - so I grabbed the nearest paper and my neocolor pure pigment water-crayons (which I love for quick colour studies). The paper happens to be the underside of my nitrile gloves box. It was the closest paper handy. I kept it propped up where I could see it as I worked it out the final on the 18" x 24" canvas.

Here are some close-ups of the final painting.

Here is the lower right portion.

Here is the lower left.

And here is the upper right with a smidgen of the wall in the background (on the left side of the image).

And there you have it. I am in the midst of another dramatic, expressionistic abstract painting. It's what needs to come through and I'm letting it. I'll post it and the explanation as to why my work has taken, what would appear to be a darker and some would say negative slant, but actually, it's not. Stay tuned!