Friday, June 29, 2012

Cherry Blossom Lovers

5" x 4" original oil painting "Cherry Blossom Lovers"

This 4 x 5 inch original oil painting depicts two lovers enveloped by the glorious cherry blossoms! Shades of pink and red, trees and mountains in the background with a near by stream close enough to reach out and touch, truly these lovers are in a safe, loving paradise. Even though I started this painting two years ago it sat unfinished until just yesterday. Life's like that.

This idea came to me and I can see I have been much influenced by Klimt's "The Kiss". I love his work  and that of the other Art Nouveau artists. This painting is just a little sweet romantic note and I hope it finds it's home with someone who can relate and enjoy it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Name This Abstract!

20" x 24" original acrylic expressionistic acrylic painting by artist
Gwen Duda © 2012.

I finished it yesterday. I know what it represents. I am curious to find out what YOU think/feel about it and what title you would give it. Leave me a comment below and tell me how it makes you feel, what you think it's about and the title you would give it. 

I know this work is rather different than the majority of my work to date, but a human being is a work at process and so is their body of work. You know, I LIKE this painting. It's direct, it's True.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Latest Addiction, um, ery, Artistic Outlet!

My latest addiction, I mean, um, er, hobby.
A set of three turquoise bracelets. Aren't they pretty?
On my "The Bad Cat Beadery" jewelry shop here
    Well it all started innocently enough. I wanted to find Mom some more stretch bracelets as she loves them but with her Alzhiemer's, she can't do up clasps. So, I went online to find some. Do you think I could?!

   I usually score pretty good on for such things but the bracelets I found that were semi-decent I just couldn't afford them (I wanted to get Mom several) and the one't that I COULD afford, well, let's not go there *shudder*. So I decided to make them myself. What could go wrong?

Mom's necklace I made and sent out to her last week. It's got three
hand made charms to dangle at the bottom of it and it should match a good
portion of her new spring outfits. Made with glass pearls, faux shell beads,
 silver beads, crystal beads and silver-plated findings
all on heavy-duty stretch cord. 
Here are the turquoise bracelets combined with
a gorgeous white satin wood and silver stretch wrap.
I made these for a friend of mine in the States. Shades
of lavender and silver - so pretty!
For Mom, a yellow tri-bracelet to match a yellow top
that she got. I kept it upbeat, fun and pretty,  just like her.

It's kind of expensive, let's just put it this way and much more time consuming that I thought it would be BUT I made Mom some awesome bracelets and she actually really likes them! That is such a HUGE reward as if you know anything about Alzheimer's, having those who have the disease notice and connect with things can be a real challenge. So, all in all, I would have to say that my investment in $ and time was a hit. I made over 16 bracelets and a necklace for her! Pretty sweet!

   So now I am looking at collecting new fall beads and will be working on putting together some bracelets and necklaces for her that are easy-on and easy-off without looking cheap or childish. Just because you may have a disability doesn't mean you don't want to wear pretty things, right?

   Here are just a few more of my creations. If you like what you see just visit my Etsy storefront to see more. Go here. And remember, if you want to take the dive into the dark abyss that is jewelry-making be warned. It is not for the faint of heart! Lol! Nah, go ahead.