Saturday, July 28, 2012

NEW! Commissioned Oil Painting Completed!

Just finished this commissioned oil panting - ACEO sized (at 3 1/2" x 2 1/2") and it's of three pears on my vintage red table. I was contacted through my Etsy shop I actually had done an earlier painting of the same subject matter back in 2009 (which sold). A lovely woman contacted me and wanted to know if I would do another. I have prints of it for sale but she wanted an original painting and an original painting is ALWAYS better than a reproduction no matter what ANYONE tells you. If the artist is using professional grade artist materials (which I do) then it will outlive all of us and several generations after that and stay colour true. As long as it is technically sound, it will last and last.

Even though my artistic adventure is leading me down the exciting road of abstract expressionism, getting back to basics - doing Realism - is always a good thing to do. Most artists start and train in Realism, hone their skills and then go from there. Currently there is a resurgence in Realism and I couldn't be happier for that. Any good artist knows, you have to get down the basics, and be good at them, to do any further work of significance.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SOLD! Two of Three Oil Paintings at the Pennsylvania Moss Rehab International Juried Art Exhibition

Guess which oil paintings sold?

Well, I was totally surprised by a package that was dropped off with my superintendent today. I had no clue what I had ordered that was waiting for me in his office. Not until I got the package and saw the return address did it finally dawn on me - it was from the Moss Rehab International Art Show and Sale that I had accepted three oil paintings of mine and was, or rather, had been held in Philadelphia, PA.
The box though was smaller and lighter than the one I had shipped out.

I got right to opening it and just one painting was inside. I was really glad! Lol! Let's be honest, it's great to have your work accepted into a JURIED International show but I have bills to pay and to ship these pieces cost A LOT of money. So I basically covered my cost and maybe get a small bag of groceries out of the deal. I am grateful for that. It costs a lot of money to be a visual artist; quality art materials, shipping materials, packaging and freight costs. Sometimes, yes, sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it.

And then, I get this news. And yes, it enables me to exhale a slight sigh of relief and feel a bit renewed in my artistic enterprise as the joy I usually held for it had been waning because of various stressors. So, with this, it helps. Yes artists do the work because we have to but it's nice when the universe acknowledges us and helps us out a bit. We aren't islands.

So which pieces did you guess? Well it's the red umbrella cat and the portrait. Yes, the portrait - I had almost forgot about it?! It's such a beautiful piece and I am sure glad that someone will now be hanging it somewhere that they will get to admire it's smoky presence. And the red umbrella and cat, well, that one was going to sell asap - I could feel it. It's earth-pulsing red and there's a cat in it. Sold! Lol!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time to Build

If you have found yourself here, it's a miracle! Because my own content was found elsewhere (than this blog) on the internet my blog has been heavily "demoted" if you will, in google search. I have found and requested the duplicated material to be removed and contacted google to restore my ranking but we'll see. So, yes, it's truly a miracle you found my art blog!!!

And now the good news. Between making art (paintings and jewelry creation) and I am maxed out. Every day by night fall I realize I ran out of time and social media is not getting the attention it used to. But, for now, that's how it is. First you have to do the work to HAVE work to talk about. 

So, if you don't see a new post for awhile, it's because I am REALLY busy trying to do all that is on my plate art, creativity, wise AND get some sleep. Oh and eat, and errands, and laundry and take time for family. The world demands we give EVERYTHING to social media. I disagree. Social media has it's place, and it should be given a respectful include. Not used to clog up people's minds, overflow their email and tweets, and stuff their blogs with useless garbage info. We have so much of that.

So we'll see you soon! Have a great, beautiful, blessed summer : )