Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time to Build

If you have found yourself here, it's a miracle! Because my own content was found elsewhere (than this blog) on the internet my blog has been heavily "demoted" if you will, in google search. I have found and requested the duplicated material to be removed and contacted google to restore my ranking but we'll see. So, yes, it's truly a miracle you found my art blog!!!

And now the good news. Between making art (paintings and jewelry creation) and I am maxed out. Every day by night fall I realize I ran out of time and social media is not getting the attention it used to. But, for now, that's how it is. First you have to do the work to HAVE work to talk about. 

So, if you don't see a new post for awhile, it's because I am REALLY busy trying to do all that is on my plate art, creativity, wise AND get some sleep. Oh and eat, and errands, and laundry and take time for family. The world demands we give EVERYTHING to social media. I disagree. Social media has it's place, and it should be given a respectful include. Not used to clog up people's minds, overflow their email and tweets, and stuff their blogs with useless garbage info. We have so much of that.

So we'll see you soon! Have a great, beautiful, blessed summer : )

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