Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art Inspires Art!

After returning home I placed my two latest art pieces to my collection.
They're on the window sill,  a hand blown glass (votive holder) and
ceramic polar bear. I am thrilled to have them!!!

The Petroff Art Gallery in Toronto is one of my favourite haunts. I had come in earlier and spoken with
Steven Petroff. I had my eye firmly on a ceramic polar bear. She was beautiful. Yes, she was a she. I feel instantly, head over heels in love. But I hedged. It was near closing and I wasn't sure I should get her just yet. You know, the proverbial "Can I afford it?" and then the answer "No" and then the rebuttal "But I LOVE her". You know how it goes. Over and over this rolled through my head as I stood there staring at her. There was also the situation of being over burdened with groceries and I was afraid I might drop and break her. So, I decided, yes I could afford it (not) and would come back the next day to pick it up.

What follows is a word to the wise. When you love something, just buy the G-d damn thing! One thing led to another and I ended up not being able to get back to the gallery till weeks later. And sadly, my love, she was gone! I KNEW she would be. Lesson learned. But, I DID manage to find a smaller cousin of her's and he is just as sweet and cute AND he fits nicely on my window ledge in my studio. He's placed between my little Inuit gnarl whale soapstone sculpture (I lost the gnarl whale horn part after moving nearly 20 times), but it still looks beautiful. I also scooped a gorgeous hand blown glass vessel done by an Ontario artist. Both pieces are done by Ontario artists, both women actually.

And after putting them on my window sill I was so overjoyed that the urge to get down a new nature abstract idea came through loud and strong. So I grabbed some watercolour pencil crayons and quickly did up the sketch above. Art inspires art. Love inspires love. Life's just like that.

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