Monday, January 28, 2013

They're HERE! Breaking Open the NEW Sennelier Oil Pastels!

The cat is obviously oblivious to my sheer glee!

My box of 72 Sennelier oil pastels came today and it made my day! I ripped the box open immediately!

Here they are! I apologize for the soft photos, it was a very dark day today.

Close up of some of the reds, yellows and pinks
a touch of the greens and blues.

Gorgeous Red!

Beautiful pink!

So I grabbed something near by (in this case it was my grocery paper receipt) and commenced to do a quick little painting/sketch. I was talking earlier to a friend who is going on a trip to see the Mayan ruins so I guess that is what came through in my sketch.

About an inch and smidge high.
Notice the covering capabilities in the
blue highlights. They do cover very well. 

I used about 19 colours in this sketch.

So there you go a very quick update to the Sennelier fun saga. When I first opened the box I did get a sniff of something akin to volatiles but it didn't last too long nor was it overpowering. I have to be careful with that stuff.

I hope to do something more in the next week. Overnight I developed a cold (which has now turned into the flue) so I am feeling rather blech today but hope to be over it this week. My first impression though is that these are absolutely sumptuous! Stay tuned for more!

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