Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art, Artist and Social Media - the Reality

I have come to a decision - that in order to actually get work done in the studio I have to spend less time doing social media. I know it's completely opposite what all the social media gurus (self-appointed and otherwise) are saying but the reality is this - if I don't paint, there's nothing to talk about. Period.

Like many artists I have to do all parts of my art business (and don't kid yourself, it is a business) myself and after several years of trying to make it all work I have realized, it doesn't. The thing that has suffered most is my ability to actually get a body of new work done. If I haven't told you, I have permanent health issues that greatly impact my productive time so I have had to take a hard look at things as they are. This is the result.

So when I do have something to say that actually matters and is important to the art I will post it here, at my website and on my facebook page. You can continue to purchase the work directly from my website and also at my Etsy shop.

I love to speak with people so don't be shy, if you have a question or want to talk about something feel free to go to my website and send me a comment here. I greatly cherish meeting new people that are as excited about the work as I am.

That's it for today. Take good care of yourself and I'll be back!