Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Painting of 2015 - Feelin' the Love of Oils

"Sublime in the City" 9 1/2" x 6 3/4" oil on gessoed watercolour paper, artist Gwen Duda, ©2015
Well here's the official first painting of 2015 and it's a lovely one in oils. I wanted to do a study that particularly focused on beautiful, colourful grays with just a few hits of more pure hues. This is the result.

Study of gray mixes from pure hues, leaning blue, green, yellow and purple.
But first I did a some mixing of pure hues and mixed down with white. Just look at how beautiful some, if not most, of these are!

This is the designated oil area of the studio. Sadly these aren't all the brushes either. 

And above, is where the oil magic happens - in one corner of my studio. I use NO solvents what-so-ever in producing my oil paintings so what you see in the jars above (besides brushes) is pure (expensive) artist grade walnut oil to clean my brushes. I then wash them out with soap and water. Depending on the amount of brushes I use (well over 40 sometimes) it can take close to an hour and a half. Anyone interested in a no-paying internship being my brush washer? 

And that's the latest from Gwen Duda Studios!